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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Farewell Phuket

This afternoon, I sat at Naiharn beach, eating sticky rice and mango and watching the foamy waves roll in and rip back out to sea again as the warm breeze brushed my hair away from my face. And I was overwhelmed by an enormous sense of gratitude. All I could think over and over again with a smile on my face, was “how lucky am I?” How lucky am I that I can have this time to myself to be free of work, to do whatever I feel like doing, go wherever I feel like going. I have given myself an enormous gift of time and it’s a gift that I am trying to fully appreciate every day.

It is Monday, and whilst I have been riding my motorbike around Phuket, hunting for sticky rice and then the perfect location to eat it, I know that back home, my friends and family are working hard to support themselves and their families. And here I am, three months in to my self-imposed unemployment, sitting at a beautiful beach in the tropics, indulging myself in a new favourite snack. I am truly blessed to be able to do this.

I have had a fabulous three months in Phuket but it is time now for me to move. And the leaving is happy sad. Happy because I did everything that I set out to do here and more. Sad because I love her and her contradictions and I feel like I’m leaving a beloved friend behind not knowing if I’ll ever return to see her again. Although some bets are being placed by others that I will be returning to complete my IDC (scuba instructor course). We’ll see…

As I rode my motorbike around the island, so many happy memories zoomed through my mind as fast as the passing scenery. Beautiful people I have met through diving, Muay Thai and synchronicity, new friendships formed; afternoons spent swimming and playing at beautiful beaches; learning to ride a motorbike and loving it; riding a motorbike everywhere, free as a bird with the wind in my hair catching tears in my eyes and joy upon my face; hours spent training hard, learning Muay Thai rewarded with bruises and lumps and advancement; spending my first ever birthday diving with a lovely new friend; attempting to slack-line and not taking more than two steps but having fun anyway; wandering around and sampling at the local market; eating Capannina pizza, mango ice-cream, nutella pancakes, fresh, juicy mango and papaya; trying new fruit such as salas and durian; drinking singha and pina coladas; massages, so many massages, foot, thai, back and shoulder; experiencing the beauty of simple, unique sunsets; wats and buddhas; hours spent writing; a few crazy nights in Patong; chatting to my loved ones online; finding and knowing myself more and more each day. Oh, what a glorious three months.

And now it is time to move and I am ready to move. I sat and waited until the urge to move was upon me and now it is here. There’s no hurry, no rush, just an urge to move slowly, steadily, with purpose, with ease and grace. My life is in flow and I trust that each step takes me into a new perfect moment.

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