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Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Christmas Interlude

Sometimes I forget the blessings in my life and I take for granted the basic gifts in my every day world.

Sometimes I get so caught up, following the dialogue in my head, still chasing the perfect life, still believing “I will be happy when…”, being dissatisfied with what is and longing for more, something different, instead of living in this moment and choosing happiness now.

Sometimes I let those negative emotions that simmer in the pit of my stomach reach boiling point, fuelled by too much attention, allowing the anxiousness, self-doubt and fear to engulf me in a sad sea of uncertainty.

Sometimes I overlook the wisdom of my heart, its gentleness over-ruled by the louder egocentric voice of my mind that still thinks it knows best.

Then I have moments like these, when I wake up and see all the blessings surrounding me. I realise with dismay that once again, I fell asleep, ignored my inner wisdom and followed the wrong signs. I am grateful for awakening and that the blips are only temporary.

This Christmas my life is full of blessings. I live in a tropical paradise of gentle smiles, golden sands, aquamarine warm seas, mesmerising sunsets, crisp blue skies sometimes filled with bulbous white clouds, sometimes overtaken by refreshing, tropical rain.

This Christmas my life is simple. I am without the stress of work obligations, fighting for space in the shopping centre car park, joining long queues at the supermarket check-out and demands on my time with places to be.

This Christmas I am completely free to just be and enjoy life as it is in this moment.

This Christmas I am miles away from my family and friends back in Australia but there is much love around from those near and far.

This Christmas, I celebrate all the wonderful, simple blessings in my life. I look back at the year that has been and see the many steps I have taken in this journey. Looking back, I remember, I realise and am grateful for this time and the amazing year 2009 has been for me. Letting go, being free, seeing where the winds and see may take me have lead me to this point in time with all the wonderful experiences I have had this year.

This Christmas I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be in this tropical paradise, the sun on my face, warm water lapping at my toes, for the joy that diving brings and the way it has changed my life, for the amazing people in my world, new and old, and for the love that surrounds me.

Through my writing and my photography I hope I have been able to share some of these blessings with you all.

May the spirit of Christmas stay with us all throughout 2010. May we always remember the blessings in our everyday lives, both big and small with gratitude. May love surround us always.

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