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Friday, 15 October 2010

To Dive

How can I explain to you so that you can understand the beauty and the bliss of being submerged in another world?  Peace washes through every last molecule of my physical body, merging my being with the water surrounding me, overcoming my soul.

How can I describe to you the feelings that flow through my body, pumped from the centre of my being, when I am suspended in time and space by liquid sapphire?  The air I breathe from the tank on my back only keeps my physical body alive but it is the beauty that surrounds me that is my life force’s true sustenance, feeding my soul in a way food never can.

I wonder if you can understand that it is during a dive that I am most alive.  To swim alongside creatures, big or small, and to observe them in their world is a precious privilege.  This is the time I treasure most, the time I am most filled with love for Mother Earth.

Only if you have been there can you truly understand what it is like to be an earthbound creature, born of land but whose heart is owned by the sea.  Only if you have been there can you truly understand that to dive is to remember what has been forgotten, that to dive is to return home.

Photo by Ryan Bradley

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