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Friday, 12 November 2010

She calls for me

Sometimes I think it’s just enough,
To sit and watch her from her shore.
But as I watch the waves roll in
I know that’s not the truth at all.
She calls for me to come to her,
To submerge myself, wash clean my care.
She calls for me, she calls for me.
Her beckoning voice
Is always there.
I could float upon her silvery skin,
Watch life below take place from above.
But it’s underneath her rippled waves,
I want to be, where I most love.

And so I answered her call. After seven months and thirteen days living above sea level, I finally returned home, slipping beneath her silvery skin. A few tentative breaths and then I relaxed as I stopped carrying my own weight and allowed her to envelop me.

The water was a cooler 29 degrees celsius leaving me cold and shivering in my well-worn wetsuit, and the visibility was only around 8 metres. Although the black tip reef sharks did not grace me with their presence, the water was still teeming with life. Menacing moray eels hid within staghorn coral; bright and bumpy wart slugs decorated the walls and sandy bottom; moorish idols swirled in their coupled dervish dance; clownfish performed their version of the haka, safe in the tentacles of their anemone home; groups of lionfish rested vertically on coral fans; the shy little seahorse hid in his small cave; whilst above me, the great barracuda hovered on guard.

Carried by the steady current, the only thing for me to do was breathe and enjoy the life around me. I wished it was possible to stop, pull up a chair and just watch the intricate relationships take place around me, for this real life spectacular is better than any reality TV show or soap opera, no script or play acting required.

I longed to lie on the sandy floor and watch the goby and the burrowing shrimp living together in symbiotic harmony. The poor-sighted shrimp tirelessly maintains his burrow whilst the goby stands on watch trying to determine if I am friend or foe. If he becomes alarmed by my presence, the goby darts into the burrow and the shrimp heeding his warning, quickly follows. Their relationship is mutually beneficial as the goby gets a safe place to hide and the shrimp, a warning of any danger that he wouldn’t otherwise see. I could watch this interaction for hours, all the while wondering if humans will ever be able to live with eachother and the Earth in such cooperation and harmony or continue to be focused on individual gain. Today there’s no time to stop and wonder as the current carries us on. 

There is a very natural rhythm to life here. Everything goes with the flow and circle of life. Whether it be good weather or bad, every creature gets about its business, living one day at a time as it could be their last if their number is called up on the foodchain wheel of life.  Fleetingly, I dissolve into this rhythm.  I am part of this world, breathing, watching and moving through the water with life all around me.

After another hour spent submerged and part of this underwater world, I slowly rise to the surface to resume my place above water. I feel some peace. The sea did as she promised and washed away almost all my cares, except one. What if we, humans, don’t learn to live in harmony with the sea?  What, soon, will be left for us to see?

Wart Slug


"I'm coming to get ya"

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