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Thursday, 20 October 2011

More small stones

And here is the rest of my week captured as small stones (and if that doesn't make sense then see my last post or Writing Our Way Home for more explanation)

Biting into crunchy pillows of ciabbata bread, tangy mustard mayonnaise erupts oozing a trail of bright yellow lava down my dimpled chin.

Molten pools of pewter mirror sodden skies.

Sweet frangipani and earthy incense 
Skip hand in hand across rain swept air
Tickling nostrils and stirring nostalgia 
Before dancing off into the night.

Stripes meld.
Violet into blue into green into yellow, orange then pink. 
The illusory slide of light arches over yachts and boats bobbing in an emerald sapphire sea.

Dark brown eyes tarnished by tell-tale tiny threads of fiery red flame.


Rainbow over Chalong Bay seen from Friendship Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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