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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Just For Today

Just for today, I will not worry about tomorrow, about what I could or should be doing
Just for today, I’m not going to let the constant questions run rampage in my head, I’m going to accept that I don’t know the answers right now
Just for day all those unanswered questions will sit silently
Just for today I am going to let go of worry
Just for today all my concerns about the future will be left where they belong, in the future
Just for today, I am going to be kind to myself, I’m going to allow myself to be human and not perfect
Just for today, I’m going to relax into my confusion and allow the grey haze wrapped tightly around my head to settle and loosen and eventually fade away
Just for today I’m going to enjoy what is before me here and now
Just for today I’m going to trust that the answers to my questions about the future will arise loudly from my heart when my head is ready to hear

 Sunset from Buon Gustaio Trattoria, Naiharn Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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