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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Wave

The wave rises before me. Goliath.
Heart pounds. A dash of adrenaline surges.
I watch its tip begin to foam and curl, quickly fill my lungs, then dive angularly down through the watery wall.
I find a space, a gap between the surging ocean and the sandy floor.
The wave presses me down, weightily rolls over my body, silently tells me who is boss.
In a second it passes and I am released, buoyed back to the surface to bob in the bubbly aftermath.


  1. Oh this took me back to the beaches I would visit after school in Western Australia - now that I am much older I would be too scared to face the same size waves I did back then. It's a shame that some of us (that would be me) lose our courage as we get older.

  2. Ordinarily I wouldn't have gone swimming in these waves either but they weren't too bad until the big one came through and took everyone for surprise. You have to be very careful here in Phuket. Unless it's flat like a swimming pool there can be some dangerous rips. Many people drown here unnecessarily every year.