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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December 18 – Reverb11 - Amistad (Friendship)

Describe your best friend(s) from elementary school, high school, college, and/or the present.

I am blessed to have some really great friends in my life many who have been in my life for many years even as far back as pre-school but there are also some great friends that I have collected on my travels and from work as well. One of the things that I have learned is that true friendship transcends miles. As I have removed myself from Australia, friendships with my dearest friends continue and their love and support follows me wherever I go.

I’m going to describe my dear friend Ina (and in doing so I don’t want any of my other dear friends to think that they are any less dear to me because I didn’t chose them to describe but if I were to describe you all I'd never get this blog posted.)  

Ina and I met when I was doing my divemaster course in Phuket. She was my instructor. We clicked instantly and usually spent the first hour of our day talking instead of doing my course work. We have dived Bali together, shared many a beer o’clock together and were lucky to catch up in Prague and her new hometown in Bavaria.  Ina is down to earth, practical, confident and gutsy.  She is a natural teacher with the ability to help just about anyone overcome a learning difficulty. She is patient but also has high standards. She likes to enjoy life and party but is not frivolous.  She is adventurous and sporty, she loves diving and snowboarding. She likes to talk but she is also good at listening. She’s a great friend to have and I can’t wait until we can diving together again!

Me and Ina on my birthday dive in June 2009

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