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Thursday, 29 December 2011

December 28 – Reverb11 - Agradecimiento (Gratitude)

What eleven things were you grateful for in 2011?

1. My family – their love, support and assistance is the backbone of my life

2Friendship – long-term, new or passing, distant and close-up, my friends have loved and supported me, we have laughed, we have danced, we have drunk beer and lots of wine. You have added the most beautiful colours to my life.

3. My Kindle – I love physical paper-based books and I was apprehensive about going electronic but it was the best thing I purchased all year.  I can finally travel with as many books as I want and can purchase books that I actually want to read whenever I want.

4.  Ocean – I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time in her this year but I am grateful for the time I have spent in her depths.  Wow.  What an amazing world.

The Ocean is a beautiful thing. Its waves, its sound, its face. When you see the ocean you can't deny it, it's the most beautiful thing that God has made and you never want to leave’. Linnea Mehler.

5. Sunsets – I’ve watched a lot of them and I love them.  It’s like slowly unwrapping a present, you don’t know what you’re going to get. 

6. My cameras – they enable me to capture moments and memories and beauty that I might otherwise forget.  I’m especially grateful for Klinik Glong who managed to get my one and only DSLR camera lens fixed in just over 4 weeks and cheap too!

7.  Italy - a beautiful and delicious country. I am grateful for Nuccia’s most wonderful cooking, Roberto’s gelati, experiencing the richness of Sardegna, perfect cornetto al ciocolato with nutella running down my chin, getting lost on the the Via Francigena, visiting the hill top Tuscan villages, Vale and Kiki’s kindness when I was horribly overwhelmed by so much Italian. And I still miss my evening spritz and stuzzichini.

8. India – for the dirt, the constant heat, the occasional floods, the annoying horn honking, the crowds, the colours, the masala chai, Auroville, the opportunity to help a grass-roots NGO, the wonderful people I met, the parties, the dancing, the children, the JOY!

9.  Freedom – I am so grateful for another year that I have been free to travel, to explore, to roam.

10. Internet, Social Media, Email, Skype – these wonders of technology helped me stay connected to my friends and family back home.

11. Writing – I am grateful for the ability to express in words what I am experiencing physically and emotionally so that I can share my experiences with others but also because it helps me see and appreciate the richness of life in all of its varying shades.  I am grateful for the words that come through me.

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