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Thursday, 8 December 2011

December 6 – Salud (Health)

What did you do for your body’s benefit this year?

This year, my body did not get a lot of attention.  I went through periods where I walked every day, phases where I would start the morning with some yoga, some afternoon swimming for a while and even a few days where I attempted some interval training.  And as for diet, well because I’ve spent most of the year in foreign countries, I decided to enjoy all the different cuisines without feeling guilty about it. 

My weight has gone up, my weight has gone down and it’s gone up again.  I’ve barely read a fashion magazine all year and I feel better for it, living life without the idea that I should be really skinny constantly pumped into my subconscious.  Maybe that’s the best thing I could do for my body, to let it find it’s own equilibrium, naturally.

Me diving at Shark Point, Phuket (that was good for my body)

Me walking Via Francigena (that was good for my body)

Me drinking wine in Tuscany (that was definitely good for me)

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  1. I hope to achieve that in 2012. Merry Christmas :)