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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sangha (Tribe) – Reverb 11 – December 2

This is my Reverb11 reflection for December 2. Please comment and share your own experiences. I'd love to hear your own reflections.

Where have you discovered community in 2011? What are the defining characteristics and essential qualities of your tribe?

Living life as a gypsy has often meant spending long periods of time by myself. I used to be scared of being lonely but what I have learned is that I actually like spending time by myself. There is silence when I want silence and time to ponder and savour the beauty and heartbreak of the world alone; to focus on what is in front of me without having to cater for the needs of another.

As much as I enjoy time by myself, I enjoy company too. As I have moved from place to place, I have found myself in different communities. A family in Italy, a family in Germany, a diving community, a volunteer community in India, a volunteer community in Thailand. I am grateful for the love, care, support and friendship these communities have provided for the duration of the time I have spent with them.

But it is my invisible tribe that is most important to me, my family and friends who have supported me on this journey from afar, who are with me in spirit and who I can always turn to for help, guidance, advice and love.

My tribe abounds with unconditional love. They love me no matter where I am in the world and regardless of how successful or how broken I am.

My tribe supports and encourages me with an unwavering faith in my ability to find and follow my path in life even if I walk around in circles a few hundred times or more. They are always available when needed, listen and provide honest insights (also known as telling me how it is).  They hold and maintain the vision of the highest version of me especially when I cannot see it myself. 

And most importantly, most of them will laugh, sing, dance and drink wine (or a non-alcoholic substitute) with me.

So to my currently invisible tribe, I hope you know who you all are – thank you! I am so grateful for your love and support.

Me walking Via Francigena, Tuscany, Italy, May 2011

A long stretch of gravel road, Via Francigena, Tuscany, Italy, May 2011

Lost, somewhere in Tuscany, Via Francigena, May 2011

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