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Sunday, 15 April 2012

To watch with wonder

Three years ago today, I flew to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines flight MH128, flying to a known destination but into an adventure that was yet to be defined.  What an amazing adventure I had. I am so grateful for all the experiences, the sights I have seen, the people I have met and friendships I have formed. Those experiences have changed my life and are still changing my life as I explore and make choices about how I live now.

One of the greatest gifts of my journey was my reconnection to nature and to the world. In my old Melbourne life, I spent the majority of my time in an office or in an apartment, so rarely outside.  When I left, this all changed. I was diving or swimming in the sea, on the beach, riding my scooter through the hills. Sunsets called me to watch them and I watched as many as I could. I saw beauty, pain, destruction, riches, poverty, life, in all its forms around me. I paid attention. I fell in love with this world that we live in. I learned to watch with wonder.

From The Rocks, Mornington, Victoria, Australia

Sunset over Melbourne CBD from Hawthorn East

Approaching sunset over Melbourne CBD from Hawthorn East, Australia

Pelican formation over Sandringham Beach

Melbourne CBD at Dusk, from Docklands

Wild, windy, wintry Melbourne at Republica, St Kilda

The start of Autumn, the walk to work, Fitzroy Gardens

Fat Fluffy snoozing in the morning sun

Blue and green should never be seen?