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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Celebrating the light

Today is Spring Equinox. Twelve hours of dark and twelve glorious hours of light. Winter is losing its hold. Naked trees are softening with buds of new blooms and the scent of new flowers lingers in the warm evening air.

The time for hibernation, contraction and stillness is ending. The earth slowly awakens and calls me to life, to open, to let go, to give a little more light of my own.

Today I watched an Italian movie in one of my favourite cinemas and I strolled home through the gardens in the late afternoon sunshine, the sun kissing my face, the cool breeze tossing my hair messy. I stopped to watch the sun shining over the top of the city buildings casting shadows on the ground. I stopped to smell the sweetness of the pansy-like blooms.

My longing, to feel the raw earth under my feet and be embraced by tropical sea, is incessant. My city life surrounds me in tall buildings that block the sun, and concrete and bitumen that hide the earth. These moments, where I stop, I pay attention and see the living world around me are as essential as breathing. There is much that I miss but much that I am grateful for. Today I give thanks for the stillness of the passing winter as well as the return of the light.

Me, walking

My favourite door, Richmond factories

Melbourne Conservatory, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

View to Richmond Hill from Yarra Park/Melbourne Cricket Ground

Spring flowers, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

Spring flowers, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

Fluffy, because she is too cute

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