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Monday, 31 December 2012

#reverb12 - Day 29 to 31

December 29 – Fears and challenges

Think of three things that daunted you in 2012: how are you going to work towards overcoming them in 2013?

I’m going to talk about this more in terms of challenges because that is what feels right to me.

1.  Patience

I am in the midst of a massive transition and I am still getting clear on where I am going. I expected that I would have a clear definition after a year of travel, then after the second trip, then after the third trip. I expected I would come back to Melbourne and be able to say this is what I’m going to do. I wasn’t able to do that because there have been other things I have had to work through and heal first .  I have often been annoyed that I’m not “there” yet. I still get impatient from time to time but I have learned to take a deep breath (or two) and accept this is where I am right now. I am on my path. It is unfolding perfectly and in its own time.

2.  Self-doubt and the inner critic

My inner critic likes to tell me I'm not qualified to do anything other than what I have studied - financial planning. I'm making friends with that critic and that best question I can ask it when it starts throwing these types of questions to me is..."Is that really true?"

3.  Honouring my feelings

I think there is a pleaser in many of us. There definitely is in me. I want to have good relationships with the people in my life. I want to be there to support them, participate in their lives and I don’t want to let them down or disappoint them. This has often meant that I end up doing things when I don’t really want to.

In another variation of this, I have also done a lot of things I thought I should do or often like doing but in that moment don’t really want to for because I think I should or because I tell myself I’m being lazy. When I don’t do what I think I should do I end up beating up on myself. A lot.

This year I have started honouring my feelings and not beating up on myself. Sometimes I don’t want to do something or go somewhere and that’s just how it is for me in that moment. I have been practicing honouring those feelings, making a decision not to do it and then getting on with doing what I do feel like doing without the guilt.

December 30 – Release

What will you let go of in 2013?

1.  Procrastination via distraction

The online world is a blessing and a curse. It has helped me to connect with some amazing people and to stay in contact with friends I have made all around the world but sometimes I use it to waste time and stop myself doing what I really love doing…writing. When I use it in this way, it doesn’t serve me. It stops me from achieving what I really want to achieve but if I dig a little deeper I am really using it because I am scared of either being successful or failing at what I love doing. What if my writing is really bad? What if my book is really badly written and boring? If I distract myself from writing it then I will never get it finished and never find out. But what if it is good? What if it is inspiring? What if I am successful and it changes my life? It’s time to find out.

2.  Expectations of relationships

Our relationships are like beautiful plants and maybe sometimes like ugly weeds. They need tending to, nurturing, feeding and sometimes re-potting or removing. I find that sometimes I have expectations of relationships that have become fixed and become frustrated when interactions don’t match those expectations. There is a rhythm to everything in life including friendships. Sometimes we come together, sometimes we move apart for a while or forever. That is life. In 2013, I choose to give relationships space when they need space, to let go of old ways of interacting when they no longer serve, to let go of my preconceived and fixed ideas of what a friendship should look like and when necessary to let go completely with love.

December 31 – Fiesta (Celebration)

What are you celebrating today? What will you celebrate in 2013?

Today I am celebrating the path that I have walked not only this year but all my life to where I am right here, right now. I am celebrating opportunity and choice, the joy and the pain, the adventure of not knowing what is next, living, feeling, breathing and of course words, poetry and the gift of expression that gives my life meaning and I will celebrate these also in 2013.

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year.  May you realize your intentions for the year.  May you celebrate the blessings of your life.  May you feel love and joy.

One of my all time favourite sunsets over the Andaman Sea, Naiharn, Phuket, Thailand

Friday, 28 December 2012

#reverb12 Day 25 to 28

December 25 – Creativity

How did you make time for creativity in 2012? 
Looking back, is there one creative time or one particular creation that stands out for you? (Maybe you could share it here?) 
How will you continue (or start) making time and space for your creative passions in 2013?

This year my life was accidentally on purpose structured to allow time for creativity. I have worked three days per week since February that allowed four free days per week to spend as I chose. I have spent most of it writing and completed a first draft of my book and edited the first three chapters.

I have also followed other impulses from visiting one of the local gardens to take photos or to practice poetry (I’ve written at least 30 poems this year) and lately during this festive season my creative impulse has seen me experiment with different desserts, the raspberry mascarpone tart with chocolate ganache was definitely a winner.

For the immediate future, I will continue to work three days per week and I intend to re-focus on my book and complete the first edit by the end of April. This will require discipline and saying no to those things that distract me from my goal. I will have to call myself on my own excuses.

December 26 – Seva (Service)
How did you serve in 2012? Do you plan to volunteer in 2013?

Although I only work three days per week, I bring myself to my job and offer as much assistance and insight as I possibly can. I carry loose change and give it to the homeless and those begging on the streets. I keep my housemates stocked with crumpets and dessert. If I can see a friend needs help, I offer my assistance where I can. I spread awareness about the causes that are close to my heart right now, The Kimberley and The Cove.

How I serve is central to my questioning around life purpose and future career and I have spent some time this year healing some trauma attached to service so that I can step into my new work and calling.

I did not volunteer during 2012 and I am unsure about 2013. In Melbourne, it seems that there are few casual volunteer options and I was not sure if I would live the whole year in Melbourne so was not in a position to commit to a long-term position. Likewise, I am not sure if I will spend all of 2013 in Melbourne so am unsure about volunteering next year although I would like to if the opportunity arises.

December 27 – Metta (Lovingkindness)

The metta mantras are: “May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be free from suffering.”

To whom do you wish to send metta? 

I wish lovingkindness to everyone in the world. Sometimes when we give, we forget to give to ourselves as well and so I wish lovingkindness to myself also.

May we all be safe. May we all be happy. May we all be healthy. May we all be free from suffering.

December 28 – Agradecimiento (Gratitude)
What twelve things were you grateful for in 2012?
  1. My family – their unconditional love and support knows no bounds
  2. Friends – I have some amazing people in my life who love me, laugh with me and support my growth.
  3. Work that supports my lifestyle goals – it’s not my perfect job, I’m still working to define that and my new direction but it allows me time to do the things that I love and enables me to live in Melbourne and I have a wonderful manager who understands and supports my personal goals.
  4. Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens – an oasis in the city that I visit often for some peace and nurturing.
  5. Choice – I have so much choice, options and freedom to create the life I choose.
  6. Home in Richmond – I am so grateful for my friends sharing their home and family with me. I love living in Richmond.  It's central and surprisingly quiet and peaceful (except when Collingwood plays at the MCG).
  7. Words – writing, being able to express myself and my experience of life is what gives my life meaning.
  8. Myree – I am grateful beyond words for this amazing woman who has supported me in my healing this year.
  9. Body & health – sometimes I beat it up, I eat bad food, I drink too much, I pick on its perceived imperfections but it supports my soul and enables me to do all the things I love. I am fit, healthy and able.
  10. Poetry – Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Omar Musa for his inspiring reading of Anne Sexton and Farideh Karaji-Bani for her beautiful reading in English and Persian at Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Liz Lamoreux for her passionate love and sharing of how to poem. You have all touched my heart and brightened my life.
  11. Soul Sisters – I am so grateful to have connected to so many amazing women this year from all around the world, some in person, some virtually, all real, all uniquely inspiring and beautiful.
  12. Abundance – I haven’t earned so little money since I was in my mid-twenties and although my bank account often says no to things I couldn’t be more abundant. I am blessed and grateful.

Colours of Christmas 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

#reverb 12 Day 18 to 24

December 18 – The color of you

What colour best represents the year you had in 2012? And why?
What colour would you like to invite into your life in 2013? 

I don't have just one colour. I think, read and write in purple. I sleep, rest and nourish in soft green. I sweat and move in red. This year has been quite serious.

In 2013, I would like to invite some more yellow (joy) and orange (creativity).

December 19 – Drishti (Seeing)

What is your vision for your spiritual practice in 2013? How do you see yourself achieving it?

My spiritual practice involves meditation, prayer & gratitude, writing and mindful observation. My vision for 2013 is a greater commitment to these practices, to not let life and excuses get in the way. I try to practice first thing in the morning and last thing at night as well as observing during the day but sometimes I get lazy or busy or too tired. I choose to make these a priority in my life in 2013.

December 20 – Lost and Found

What was lost and found in 2012?

Is anything ever truly lost? It may be out of sight physically but there is always memories of what was. This year I got intimate with and then released grief, sorrow and pain. Now as the year comes to an end, my heart is lighter, more open and more peaceful.

There are so many things I discovered internally but what I am really cherishing right now is an old photo of my brother and I standing either side of our mum next to the Christmas tree when we were around 10 and 11. We are holding some new toys bought for us by mum and we are beaming. I love this photo, this memory, of being loved by our mum at Christmas and being so happy.

I also found a letter from my Nana to my Mum dated 30/8/84 in which she shared a poem about Love. When I read it, I feel that my Nana is saying I love you and in a way admitting her humanness and the mistakes that she has made. This is a lovely connection to the two women I loved most in this world.

December 21 – Inspiration

Who inspired you in 2012? And why?
What gifts did they give you? And how will you carry these forward in to 2013?

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many people who inspire me in the way they live their lives, their open hearts and their achievements.

This year I was blessed to attend a seminar and workshop by Andrew Harvey. I have never seen someone speak with the level of passion, presence and compassion that he did. He spoke to my heart and I was moved to tears on several occasions. As I explore and really get clear on my purpose in life during 2013, I am asking myself what is that I am passionate about? What is my message to the world?

December 22 – Sukkha (Happiness)

Where did you encounter sweetness in 2011?

Sweetness is everywhere, even here in the city in Melbourne. It is in the fallen Autumn leaves, the bare and naked trees, double rainbows, the tortoise at the park that watches me curiously as it floats just below the surface of the lake. It is the divine smell of the native frangipani that reminds me of Christmas and summers gone. It is in lying on the grass feeling the earth support my body. It is definitely in heart to heart hugs. It is words read and written that capture the essence of truth and beauty. It is the sun on my skin, laughter and in sorrowful tears. It is in moments spent mindful, present and in gratitude.

December 23 – Karma (Action)

Actions speak louder than words. What daily actions will you take this year? How will you start your fresh January mornings?

My mornings start with meditation, gratitude for another day, coffee and writing my morning pages. I also read a poem and let the words inspire me with their magic.

January is also the mindful writing challenge which I will participate in once again.

I will allow time for rest, exercise and nourishment but I also ask how can I give to this day? How can I be of service? Sometimes it’s a few spare coins to the person begging on the street. Sometimes it’s a few words of encouragement or a compliment. Sometimes its just sharing my writing and experience of life.

December 24 – Regalo (Gift)

What was the most cherished gift you received this year? What were the most thoughtful gifts you gave?

My manager and friend, Tracy, and I share a love of books and a love of Carla Coulson’s words and photographs. As a surprise and thank you gift, she bought me Carla Coulson’s Chasing a Dream, knowing that I am chasing my own dreams. It is a beautiful book and a thoughtful gift.

My friend’s two-year old son had he been dragging her velour tracksuits around the house for months as he liked the feel of them against his skin. So for his birthday, I bought him a soft, dog comforter. He’s called Squishy (which sounds like Shishy in two-year old speak) because he has a flat, soft body.  We now have two squishy’s in the house because he can’t sleep without it and he only occasionally reverts to dragging her tracksuits around the house.

Old photo of mum, Brad and me at Christmas

Monday, 17 December 2012

#reverb12 Day 17 – Bhakti (Devotion)

What did you devote yourself to in 2012? How will you devote your energy in the coming year?

This year I devoted myself to writing (I wrote the first draft of my book not to mention blog posts, journals and poetry) and healing some pretty painful wounds from childhood and the loss of my mother.

In 2013, I intend to continue to devote myself to my writing, to finish my book, to further explore poetry but most importantly I feel 2013 will be the year that the these last few years of transition come together for me, and I will find the form to bring my gifts to the world or that form will find me.  In numerology, it is a 4-year for me and is about “getting down to business.”  I'm feeling it and I'm ready.

Montezuma Cypress, Botanical Gardens Melbourne

Bark of the Montezuma Cypress, Botanical Gardens Melbourne