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Friday, 7 December 2012

Morning poem

Morning stillness,
a hollow fullness
where the only movement
is the steady rise and fall of my chest
as the invisible enters
and sustains
then exits
taking everything unseen
I choose to release.

Even this is temporary.
One day it too will cease
and the me you don’t see 
will seep
into the great expanse
of nothingness
yet everythingness
that surrounds.

Maybe I will become
the exuberance of the rushing wind,
then the sweet, joyful chirps
of the black five am birds,
then the fading peach petal
of the summertime rose,
dripping its beauty
until expended
it falls to the expectant earth.

Everything is changing,
despite my furled fists.
This river is not a dam.
It flows on
past the familiar
into the unknown,
always into the unknown.

is all 
that is certain.

Melbourne CBD behind Yarra River at dusk (from Morrell Bridge)

Melbourne CBD behind Yarra River at dusk (from Morrell Bridge)

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