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Thursday, 13 December 2012

#reverb12 Day 13 – Sabio (Wisdom)

What lesson or piece of wisdom did you learn from a child this year? Did it surprise you?
My friends are blessed with beautiful children and I am blessed because I get to hang out with them and watch them grow. I have a tribe of nieces and nephews too but most of them are now teenagers and would be horribly offended if I classified or referred to them as a child.

Right now I live with a wonderful friend, her husband and their two-year old son. From the time he wakes up, early, to the time he naps or finally goes to bed at night he is on the go. He likes using the pots and pans as drums… I’m grateful it’s no longer his favourite thing to do as soon as he wakes up. He speaks some words but talks a lot of two-year old gibberish and lately he’s started singing songs to himself too. When I leave for work in the morning, he comes running down the hallways and throws his arms around me then walks away calling out “bye” which sounds like baa and “see ya”.

What I’ve learned from this little boy other than love and joy is how natural it is for children to fully process their emotions. One minute he is happy and laughing, the next he is crying and when that passes he is happy and laughing once more. He embraces and expresses whatever he is feeling in the moment until it passes, so naturally. And I wonder, when and how did I learn to stop doing that?

Dancing and laughing with kids from the Leprosy slum's school, Pondicherry

Good days with our boys from the hostel at Mango Hill's Pool, Pondicherry, India

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