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Sunday, 16 December 2012

#reverb12 - Day 15 – Acharya (Scholar)

What did you study this year? What did you learn? What did you teach?

This year I have studied writing and poetry, life purpose and healing. I have learned patience, that all processes have their own unique time frames and cannot be forced; that expressing feelings is healing and connective and important to honouring oneself; that words are powerful and that it is important to choose them carefully to express precisely what you want to say; writing is a disciplined practice, that you must show up to the page but also that sometimes you need to step away from the page for the heart of a story to reveal itself; that I love poetry and words and want to express the beauty and pain of my life through words; that I am committed to my path, there is no giving up and no turning back and I will continue to live my life in my own unconventional way; that the problem I think I need to solve is often not the actual problem at all, just a doorway to something deeper; that I am blessed with a loving family who will show up for me; that I can be broken and imperfect and still be loved; that I don’t have to do things to please other people at the cost of my own happiness.

This year I have taught courage, this is how I live my life. I don’t back away from things that scare me although occasionally it can take a little while to take the first step, I always take it in the end; mindfulness, to pay attention to the world around us. Even in this this city of concrete and metal and glass there is so much beauty and wonder; that we all play a part in looking after the world around us and must not only speak out but examine our own actions and contributions to polluting and depleting the earth directly and indirectly. We must consume consciously and live our lives with greater awareness of what is happening outside our direct vision; at work I have taught the importance of looking after our human resources, of having honest conversations even when they are difficult conversations to have and recruiting people with the right cultural fit and never, ever compromising on this, even if this means leaving a position unfilled longer than we would like.

photo by Rod Hartvigsen-Murranji for Save the Kimberley

Photo by Nicole McLachlan, The Path to Protect,

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand had many of their animals removed by Thailand's Department of National Parks  (DNP) after Edwin Wiek spoke out about elephant poachings in national parks implicating the DNP

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