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Sunday, 2 December 2012

#reverb12 Day 2 – Sangha (Tribe)

Where have you discovered community in 2012? What are the defining characteristics and essential qualities of your tribe?

This year, having spent almost the whole year in Melbourne, I have found community from standing still but not all within Australia.

Firstly, I have my home community. Since April, I have lived with my friend, her husband and their two-year old son. It is unconventional but it works now that I’ve adjusted to waking up early. I have a wonderful adopted family and am blessed to share in the love and watch their little boy grow up.

Secondly, I have my work community a place that accepts my gifts, my contribution and enables me to work in a way that supports my personal aspirations including transitioning to a new career and writing.

Thirdly, in recent months I have discovered some online communities.  Firstly, Hannah Marcotti leading Spirits of Joy, Community Grace and now Dancing in the Magic. All of these programs were based on joyful soul work and sharing with women from all around the world.

I also discovered Liz Lamoreux who led More Poeming It Out, a group exploring poetry individually and together and was blessed to read and share poetry with a small group of women.

The most important characteristics of my tribe right now, and what draws me to them, are empathy, support, understanding and being deeply seen.  

Tribe of two at Sunset, Naiharn Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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