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Monday, 3 December 2012

#reverb12: Day 3 – Anicca (Impermanence)

What did you let go of this year? Whom did you let go?

This year I let go of travel and stayed in the one city, almost 11 months now.
The most significant thing I have let go of is the fear that if was not earning a certain amount of money that I would be terribly unhappy. I work 3 days per week and I earn a third of what I earned pre-travel. I earn enough to live and I use my extra days to write. I do not live the same lifestyle. I spend my money in a much more considered way, turnover on my wardrobe is much lower than years past and sometimes bank account has to say no but I’m not unhappy. I’m actually far happier than if I were working five days per week.

I have not let go of anyone this year. Coming back to Melbourne has meant that I have moved away and now distance fills gaps that were once only narrowly divided. I have given some friendships space because that’s what I’ve needed but I have (re) gained some friendships for which I am very blessed.

Sunset over Melbourne CBD as seen from my sister's house in Hawthorn East

Pelicans flying over Brighton Beach, Melbourne

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