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Friday, 7 December 2012

#reverb12 Day 7 – Tranquilo (Calm)

Sometimes the most beautiful, memorable moments are also the quietest. What quiet, beautiful moment do you recall?
I fill my life with as many quiet beautiful moments as I can.  Many of them I capture on camera.  Here are some from this year....

Bailey, my one and only true cat love, RIP my fat fluffy friend

Yarra River to Melbourne CBD from Morrell Bridge

Southbank Melbourne on a cold and wet Winter's night

Autumn in the Carlton Gardens

Double Rainbow over Richmond

Flinders Street Station at dusk

Sunset behind Melbourne CBD taken from Hawthorn East

My dear friend Kelli and her German Shepherd pup, Hunter.

Brandy Creek Winery,  Gippsland

Heart-shaped shell, Rye 

Sunset over Melbourne CBD from Hawthorn East

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