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Sunday, 13 January 2013

An Anniversary of Stillness

I have been back in Melbourne for one year.  That’s one whole year in one city.  One whole year of living with my feet planted firmly on Australian soil.  One whole year of living with more than a bag of clothes, a bag of diving gear and a temporary permit to stay.

I have not been on a plane since I returned.  The closest I’ve been to the airport is passenger drop-off when I drove a friend to the airport just before Christmas.  I miss the airport.  I miss the anticipation of adventure, the sadness of goodbye and the bitter sweetness of return.

It’s been one year since I’ve floated in the warm tropical sea.  And it’s been more than a year since I’ve slipped below its silvery surface and been held, neutrally buoyant.

It’s been more than one year since I’ve watched the sun slip behind the Andaman Sea spraying the sky shades of tangerine.

More than one year since I’ve ridden a scooter through the jungle covered hills with glimpses of the azure sea.

It’s been a year of stillness.  A year where my external landscape has remained the same but a year where everything has changed; a year of tears and love and healing.

A year surrounded by friends.

A year with my blessed and beloved family.

A year in which I have drafted my book.

A year in which I have returned to fitness and health.

A year in which I have discovered part of my tribe.

A year in which I have reluctantly returned to what I know so it can be the foundation of great change.

There is so much to cherish here yet so much I miss; those sunsets, the sea and the simplicity of being.

The creature that that got me addicted to diving, Green Turtle

Me at the very pretty Shark Point, Phuket, Thailand

Dopey, my first favourite street dog

Paradise Beach

Amazing sunset from After Beach Bar, Kata Noi

Sunset from Trattoria Buongustaio, Naiharn, Phuket

Amazing clouds, Naiharn Beach, Phuket

Another of my sweet beach dogs, Naiharn

Koh Doc Mai, Phuket

Returning to Chalong after an amazing day diving

Bubble Rings by Pae

Full moon over Chalong Pier

Whale Shark # 2, Palong Bay, Koh Phi Phi


  1. Wow, your photos are stunning. I am shocked that it has been a year since you moved back already. Your blog post was wonderful and it also shows me how much of my first year I have wasted here. I am even more determined to make our remaining time here an adventure after reading this. Thank you. Happy New Year :)

    1. Time always flies in hindsight but yes it's been a year and I'm still in Melbourne! So much to enjoy here but so so much I miss about Thailand. I know it's been challenging for you there but I hope with all my heart that you can discover the things you really love about it. Happy New Year to you too. And thanks for dropping by x

  2. ps: your writing really is like reading beautiful poetry.