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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Farewell 2012, Welcome 2013

This is how I honoured my journey during 2012 on the very last day of the year and celebrated the incoming year.

I walked beside nature.....

Merri Creek, Clifton Hill, Australia

I walked around the labyrinth slowly and steadily with slow, deep breaths, grateful for my path, grateful for my life....

Merri Creek Labyrinth

Merri Creek Labyrinth

When I reached the centre, I held my hands at my heart in prayer in gratitude and then made my wishes....

Centre of Merri Creek Labyrinth

I opened my eyes, looked up and saw a sign....

Merri Creek Labyrinth

I walked back out of the labyrinth, slowly and steadily with slow, deep breaths...

Me walking Merri Creek Labyrinth

I wrote down my wishes and hung them on the Wishing Tree...

The Wishing Tree,  Merri Creek Labyrinth

Lots of wishes on the Wishing Tree, Merri Creek Labyrinth

I walked slowly and mindfully away....

Walking back to the car park, Merri Creek trail

I rested in the gardens......

Flame Tree, Botanical Gardens

Looking up, Botanical Gardens

Ornamental Lake, Botanical Gardens, Melbourne

I shared a delicious meal with some gorgeous friends and made it home in time to watch the fireworks from the backyard.  Me, a celebratory wine and magic.

Melbourne NYE Fireworks 2013

And today, this first brilliant day of 2013, I lay beneath the Lillypilly with the hard sloping earth beneath my back, reading, writing, watching.  Restored.

Melbourne Botanical Gardens on 1st January 2013

Beneath the Lillypilly, Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Feet on grass,  Melbourne Botanical Gardens

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