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Friday, 22 February 2013

When beauty falls

There are days when I want to hate this city, to be free of its concrete clasp. But not today.

As I meandered home after attending a protest where I contributed my energy and my voice to stand up for a cause I believe in with my heart, stopping the brutal and pointless slaughter of dolphins in Taiji in Japan, I walked through the Fitzroy Gardens between my favourite arch of trees. I could have walked on by but I had to stop and witness life as it occurred in that moment.

Although today was hot and in the low 30’s, summer is already ebbing. The leaves are dying a yellow death and as they surrender to their fate, the breeze carries them for one last dance, to rain like confetti towards the ground. Each dances its own dance at its own pace in its own unique tumble and twirl.

As I sat alone on the wooden bench, my head thrown back, my arms stretched out, heart open, receiving it all, tears welled but not in sadness.

You see beauty is wordless. It doesn’t speak to our minds but to our hearts. It asks for us to feel and to open, open wider than the moment before we witnessed her presence. She tugs and she stretches and she asks us to let go of the hard shell that prevents her entry. Sometimes there is sadness for our own hardness. Sometimes there are tears in the release of letting go. And sometimes there is a mixture of both.

Within these city walls where I often feel pinned and bound, beauty lives too.
And when I surrender to her, wherever I find her, my life is filled with meaning and the freedom I crave abounds.

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Feb 2013

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Feb 2013

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