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Monday, 4 March 2013

Dancing deeper

I am going deeper into this ebb that calls me to stillness, silence and solitude.

I am riding the wave of retreat, pulling back, drawing inwards further and deeper within until I’m not sure I can retract anymore.

My spirit will not rest until it consumes all of me, owns me, marries me, dances through my body in a new way of being.

A tsunami of change is coming. I am preparing to surrender, to let go of all that I know to ride the powerful flow of change and inner knowing.

I am ready to receive the call that has beckoned me for so long, that I have longed to hear clearly and understand what it is asking of me.

My spirit reads to me only one line at a time from the endless book that is my life. I have wanted to hear and know the whole story before I step and change but this is not how the book is read.

Right now those words are instructions; sink into silence and stillness; no distraction, no numbing, no mindless chatter.

To be simultaneously quiet and still I need solitude. I have retreated physically from many people I love and adore. I stay close to home to keep my energy close to my centre. There is no spare time to waste just hanging out, only snippets of time to connect purposefully and meaningfully with others before solitude calls once more.

I’m spending so much time alone that one of my sisters asked me if I am depressed. I am not. I am in the midst of a peace and energy I’ve never known. I am not lonely. I am not needy of people or things right now, only food and shelter, deep stillness and quiet.

Coming back to Melbourne and work I thought I would leave behind forever finally makes sense. I have not failed. It has lead me here to this point in my life, this place I need to be to reclaim my spiritual power. Stillness and quiet is what I need to embody so the call can approach then enter, mingle, merge and consume.

Two steps forward, one step back and breathe in silence and stillness.

This is how I dance deeper.

Rumi's Go Deep, Go opened on this page
Stillness and quiet at Melbourne's Botanical Gardens

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