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Hello and welcome to my blog formerly called Gypsy-K. Please note that I am only updating this blog while I am walking from Rome to Jerusalem from September 2015. My online home and permanent blog is at You can also sign up for pilgrim postcards and newsletters here. Thank you for being here and supporting my journey. With love and courage, Kym xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

On Waves of Wonder I Rise

an endless sheet
of transparent black
dotted with dim diamonds.
The moon,
her face unveiling
four days from full
eyes, mouth, nose
clown-like smudged
cornflower blue
in the way
only I perceive,
stares somber
as if mourning
separation and aloneness
forced by gravity.
Or maybe she can see
the wide, deep wounds,
inflicted by vandals
on her eternal slow dance partner.

despite the fabricated fluorescence
of this concrete city
I can finally see it all.
The sheet of blackness,
the dim studded stars
and the moon’s forlorn face
in a halo of luminous light.
I stand still, look up and stare.
where I am small.
where my own light languishes
in artificial bounds.
Trying to comprehend
how all of this can exist.
Trying to fathom
how much is dead
before it is even seen
by the eyes of those
who choose to look.

On waves of wonder I rise
and I am both small and big.
On waves of wonder I rise
and for a moment
there is no separation.
There is no inner fizzle.
Just union,
through pure presence,
in which the light is shared.

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