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Friday, 12 April 2013

Permission to be

The house empties leaving
chambers of hollow silence.
Silvery light filters
through Tuscan shutters.
In the gasping gaps between
the sparrows’ morning chorus,
the rattle of trains
and drive-by cars in
peak hour procession,
raindrops tap
the corrugated curve
above the porch
faster than the throb
that pummels
inside my head.

I lie cozy
beneath the covers,
hair wet and tangled,
my morning routine
started then stopped,
succumbing to the aching
and the tiredness
that has
defeated my defences.
Reluctantly accepting
the invisible attack
is too great to continue,
that I need not diminish
how I am feeling right now,
that pushing is punishment,
undeserved and unnecessary.

I hug a cushion to my chest;
the girl child lies embraced.
She does not have to be strong.
She does not need to toughen up
or feel guilty for yielding.
She does not have to be better
to be well.
She can choose to lie down
and allow the grey arms of sleep
to carry her gently
into that wordless realm
where rest repairs and restores.
She can give herself permission
to be as she is.

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