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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Komodo – Into the eyes of dragons and mantas

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
- Mary Oliver

It’s 11.20pm. The rain has been falling steadily for the last twenty minutes; monsoon season is arriving. I am sitting inside on the wicker lounge beneath the ceiling fan in a short-sleeved, knee-length dress.  The teak slatted doors are wide open to let the outside in.  The wire door is closed to keep the mosquitos out.  I am listening to the rain splatter the ground in direct hits and waterfall down the chain attached to the gutter in place of a pipe flooding the ground below. The crickets are chirping once more as the rainfall slows and softens. The shadowed sky flashes like a slow lighthouse with an ad hoc rhythm of its own. A somber bellow of thunder rolls by. A gecko calls out its own name for the neighbourhood to hear.

I have spent the evening alone, by choice, turning down a party so I can have my first period of extended solitude in almost two weeks. I have used the time to transfer and sort through my photos and video from Komodo, reflecting, wondering what I could write that could possibly convey the sacredness of my experience.

Five days in nature’s temple. Drifting amongst lands mostly uninhabited by humans, only dragons, goats, monkeys, birds and insects. 

Every waking moment either a living meditation or a celebration of life. Deeply aware of my own breath. Moving consciously.

Watching with an open heart. Watching through a veil of wonder, everything above and below, hiding and passing, rising and setting, twinkling, shimmering and glowing knowing that I only have each moment just once. Not wanting to pass through this time and space blindly. A deep and constant call. Witness. Witness. Witness.

I could write a list of everything that I have seen. I could try and describe what it looked like and what it felt like. I could write pages and pages and I’m not even sure that I could nail the essence of the experience in words right now, maybe not ever. 

When I experience life through my heart it can take a while for my head to catch up and be able to understand the depth of the experience in a logical way. Sometimes life just needs to be felt and not understood.

I have stared into the eyes of dragons and manta rays and sharks and fish. I have spent hours staring at stars that may no longer exist. A food chain there may be but what I know is this; we are all made of the same stuff.

Star dust. Magic. Love.

Every thing is filled with a life force that is our common bond beyond any invisible hierarchy or sense of superiority that we have bestowed upon ourselves with our able bodies and intelligence.

There are no words to sum up this experience, only this.

An inhale, hand in hand with the sweetest sounding Ahhhhhh, drawn into an open heart, joining essence with essence, then exhale Ahhhhhh

Wonder. Love. Gratitude.

“When it's over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement.” Mary Oliver.

Eye to eye with Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island

Sunrise, Komodo National Park

Sunrise, Komodo National Park

My favourite spot on the boat, Black Manta.  Perfect incline and position to lie back and watch the stunning scenery pass by 
Komodo National Park

Taking a leap from Black Manta




The best things come in threes, Manta Rays at Manta Alley  Not great quality as taken from thumbnail of video

Manta Ray at Manta Alley

White tip reef sharks, Castle Rock, Komodo

Videoing a white tip reef shark cruising by, Castle Rock, Komodo

White tip reef shark, Castle Rock

Schooling fusiliers

White tip reef sharks sleeping under table coral, Castle Rock

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