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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Neutral Buoyancy

Release the air
that holds you on the surface of your life.
Exhale the breath
you hold tight and shallow in your lungs.
Sink below
the shimmering surface.
Let her swallow you whole,
wrap her deep blue silkiness
around your tired earth body.

Fall down, down, down,
until you are in the garden of wonder.
Buoy yourself with air
from the tank strapped on your back.
Inhale slow, calm, deep,
feel your lungs expand,
your body rise.
feel your lungs contract
and your body sink down.

Here, is the perfect point of balance.
You are no longer heavy
or anchored
or bound by duty.
Here, in this endless plane of blue,
you are weightless.
You are in your body
but you are not your body.
The sea carries for you
your endless burden
leaving you to be all that you really are,
the essence into which you breathe.

Down here, neutral buoyancy sets you free
and you know your true self,
this radiant but invisible light,
that you so often hide.

Honor each breath
that supports your life
and sustains this embrace.
Move without moving.
Just rise and fall as you breathe.
Hover static,
or fly with the currents
as graceful as the Rays that live here.

It doesn't matter what you do.
You are always supported and free to choose.

Long have I searched
for this balance in my terrestrial life;
the slot in which I fit and feel free.
Searching, as if for a new land
to discover and claim as my home.

When your air runs low and you slowly rise
up, up, up,
until you break the surface
and climb out of her embrace
to reclaim the constant thoughts of your human life,
know that you carry within you,
that which you seek,
and that you can find it, anytime,
with just a single breath.

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  1. I was asked to scuba dive a few weeks ago. I said no. I am too afraid and it was only this afternoon I was thinking about it again.

    Your poem makes me tempted to try. Not sure I ever will but you make it sound meditative