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Monday, 24 June 2013

Savouring Sunday's Sweetness | And it was all yellow

When I chose unemployment for the first time back in April 2008, I fell in love with the slow life.  After years of working full-time, studying part-time and trying to balance personal relationships, health and fitness and domestic chores, the only time I really had to myself in which I was not rushing was the time I was sleeping and even then I never seemed to be able to get enough.  I was always tired.  With work out of the picture, I no longer had to rush between engagements and activities.  I started to move more slowly.  I checked in with myself to see what I felt like doing in any given moment. I began to savour life deeply.  From sleeping in, to drinking coffee slowly, to walking along the beach, to sitting in a park and just watching.  When I slowed down, I started to notice the world around me more.  The clouds.  Budding flowers.  Leaves changing colour. The way the intensity of daylight changed as the weeks passed by.

Sometimes less is more.

In Christian traditions, Sunday is the sabbath, a day for rest.  However, just like me in my old life, most people tend to race around cramming it full of activity, chores and social engagements.  Time is not spent slowly.  It is rushed.  Often too rushed to be fully savoured.

What if you left the day free to spend intuitively and slowly?  What would you do?  What would you see?  How would you feel?  Even if you are busy, can you find an hour to do something spontaneous, intuitive, outside, slow?  If you can't find an hour, can you move through the day paying attention to what is around you and looking for beauty?

Today I savoured sleeping in and lying warm and snug in bed encased in a very still and silent house.

I walked through Fitzroy Gardens dazzled by shimmering yellow.  Winter is slowly undressing the trees but they are not yet bare and the leaves dazzled beneath the sun's unrestricted glare.

I sat at the base of an English Elm, my spine supported by her strong, still trunk as I soaked in the sunshine and talked with a dear friend.

I connected with my family.  We shared stories, bubbles, cake and love.

Sunday.  Sweet.  Savoured.

Maidenhair Tree, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

English Elms, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

English Elms, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

Fallen leaves, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

The Fairies Tree by Ola Cohn, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

More English Elms, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

Me, resting against an Elm, Fitzroy Gardens.


  1. Lovely post! I especially love the line"Winter is slowly undressing the trees.."

  2. You have a greater spirit of adventure in your little finger than I have in my entirety. Ian

  3. As I mentioned in my email the other day, you are more adventurous than you give yourself credit for. Thanks for dropping by :)