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Friday, 27 September 2013

Chateauvillain to Langres in photos

School photo day...view from room in Chateauvillain before walking to Mormant

The hunting woods. I interpreted that I was safe except Wednesdays but I'm not so sure.  There was no hunting while I walked through anyway.

My path through the woods.

Autumn colours

It pays to look up sometimes.

Toadstools everywhere. 

Autumn leaves starting.

My accommodation in Mormant.

I still have my gate fascination.  This one is in Mormant.

The next three are ruins of the abbey in Mormant.

Neighbourhood watch cat

And then from Mormant to Langres my day was filled with purple flowers...

And there are still fields of sunflowers everywhwere but they are dead, heads bowed.

More doors and gates in Saint Martin-les-Langres

And then I discoverd lac de la Mouche

The view back to Saint Martin-les-Langres.

Dry parched earth

A steep climb up to Langres at the end of a day's walk :)

Arriving into Langres

My view at dinner (that I prepapred for myself in the L'Abri du Pelerin kitchen


  1. Wow - 41 kms is such a long way. Its a shame that you don't have more time to spread out the pilgrimage over more days, although that wouldn't solve the accommodation problem in between. Your photos look amazing - the Lac de mouche looks surreal with the very blue sky. I think your door and gate photos are interesting too. Have you taken any photos of people along the way? Its hard to imagine that people still live in such tiny villages.

    1. People, lol, well most days I am in the middle of the countryside by myself. Sometimes a farmer on a tractor passes me by. And when I walk the roads, people in cars pass me by and stare at me. When I walk into the villages they are like ghost towns. Often I see noone and it is like everyone just upped and left. When I do see people they are just not really photo taking opportunities.