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Hello and welcome to my blog formerly called Gypsy-K. Please note that I am only updating this blog while I am walking from Rome to Jerusalem from September 2015. My online home and permanent blog is at You can also sign up for pilgrim postcards and newsletters here. Thank you for being here and supporting my journey. With love and courage, Kym xx

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day 83: Campagnano di Roma

Number of kilometres today: 25.4
Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 1,986.6
Total steps since Canterbury:  2,767,481
Number of kilometres to Rome: 41

It was a tough day for me. I went to bed with a sore throat and woke up with a full blown cold. I've been keeping just ahead of it for 4 weeks or more and it finally caught me.

I walked alone most of the day, unable to keep up with the guys. Well I could have kept up with them if  I really wanted to but it would have been too much for me physically and I would probably end up sicker than I was. I walked the pace that felt comfortable to me. They stopped regularly so I could catch up. 

There was more mud. There was flooded roads. Towards the end of the day I had no energy to protest anymore. I walked through it all without trying to avoid it.

There was one final climb up into Campagnano di Roma. A toddler could have crawled faster than I walked. We were welcomed by a lot of rubbish and graffiti.

We found our accommodation at the Parrocchia San Giovanni Battista. We were taken into a hall of screaming and laughing children that reminded me of Pondicherry then upstairs into a room with a big square table and chairs and some mattresses stacked on a table at the back. Our beds tonight, mattresses on tables. I was exhausted and needing to sleep a little so Peter made up my bed for me. I lay down to sleep, closed my eyes, then the music lessons started. Clarinets. Oboes. Saxophones. The kid learning oboe was obviously a beginner. Many high pitched squeaks. Every note. I couldn't help but laugh at our sleeping arrangements. At least they had turned the heating on and we were out of the rain.

We found our way to a wonderful osteria for dinner. Tagliatelle ragù. Saltimbocca con patate and back to a nice warm room to sleep on a table. 

Two more days to walk to Rome.

Yesterday's dessert. I am now a panna cotta convert.



My room at Monastereo Santssimi Concezione 



Monastereo Santissimi Concezione



Amphitheatre Sutri

Amphitheatre Sutri

Autumn hazel nut groves

Country roads 

Flooded field

Walking autumn country roads

And flooded country roads

Ad creviced country roads

Autumn paths so beautiful to walk on

Approaching Campagnano di Roma

Campagnano di Roma

Campagnano di Roma


  1. Hang in there Kym - you are soooo close. Praying that your throat will feel better and you will have some more energy tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful photos